Welcome to our game of Duck Duck Goose!

Have you joined us for Duck Duck Goose yet? The rules are simple. Visit the websites and find either a duck or a goose graphic. Enter the url of where you found the graphic in the Rafflecopter form to enter the contest for our weekly prize. Find the goose or ALL of the ducks for the week to enter for the monthly prize. The images will be found either on main pages directly linked to the menu or in a post published within the past 2 weeks

While searching through websites you will find one or both of the following two graphics


Clicking on either image, when you find them on a site, will bring you back to this page.

Participating sites this month:

1. A Goddess of Frugality 6. Factory Rats
2. Finger Click Saver 7. Cori’s Coupon Corner
3. A Goddess of Literature 8. Half Pint Handouts
4. New England Bloggers Media 9. Shopaholic Mommy
5. DonnieLove.com 10. The Frugal Free Gal