Bookworm Wednesday-House of Mercy Review

Beth makes a mistake. A couple of them actually. The first mistake was one of mercy, where she decided that the ends justified the means. The second was seemingly innocent and innocuous at the time, until circumstances out of her control made a small error in judgement swell to an insurmountable mistake that cost her dearly.
I find Rose’s character so incomprehensibly cold to her own daughter that it is simply unforgiveable and unrealistic. There is no history of conflict between mother and daughter, not that we were made aware of at any rate, to explain how Rose could suddenly and unexpectedly turn on Beth.

There are so many unanswered questions in this story. Was author Erin Healy purposely being ambiguous or did she hit her word quota for this book so simple end it where she was at? It almost felt like a cliffhanger at the end of the first book of a series. After some reasearch I learned that the author IS planning to write more on the life of Beth, but at a much later date in time. In Healy’s blog she is quoted as stating “Well, I’m not one for tidy endings”. Granted endings that are seemingly wrapped in a bow and a little TOO pat are unrealistic, but I don’t like to be left hanging either. If you also would like some answers to the many questions that this book does not answer, there are some “plot spoilers” that can be found on the author’s blog.