Credit Repair

The truth of the matter is more people get in trouble with credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, and other debts more often than they like to admit. Credit repair services are available and a good tool to put a person on the path to a healthier credit score. First and foremost, use the one freebie you are allowed per your and pull your scores. I would recommend pulling the three bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) at different times (one every four months).

Once you have all of your information dispute anything that should not be on your report (a debt that doesn’t belong to you or is older than 7 years). The next step would be to find the best credit repair service available. Once you have a reliable service to help counsel you, start working on trying to settle with those companies you owe money. Some will negotiate a big discount. They know something is better than nothing!

Finally, be careful! Don’t let anyone bully you into extra fees you shouldn’t pay, threaten you, or call you all hours of the night (the law states they cannot call before 8 am your time or after 9pm your time). Also, once you find a credit repair service, make sure you check their credentials and look for feedback from other customers! They can make for a great ally, but unfortunately not everyone is honest. If you check their background before you sign a written agreement, chances are you will be a satisfied customer.