Bookworm Wednesday-Tidewater Inn Review

For this week’s Bookworm Wednesday I reviewed Tidewater Inn: A Hope Beach Novel by Colleen Coble. The main character in the novel is Libby. Libby restores historic buildings. While researching a new project in a small town on a remote island, Libby’s business partner, Nicole, discovers that Libby’s father had not died when she was five as she had been told. Nicole is kidnapped while Libby helplessly watches via a beach webcam. Other long hidden secrets reveal themselves as Libby searches for Nicole.

The plot is incredibly eclectic in genre. It contains romance, suspense, mystery, and religous aspects. A wonderful read and an incredible beginning to a series that I would look forward to reading more of.

One thing that bothered me about this book though was a conflict in something one character had said. While trying to console his orphaned nephew, Alec tells Zach that God doesn’t see human death as we do. That heaven is a reward more than death is a punishment. Yet later in the book, while helping Libby search for Nicole, he tells Libby that God is with Nicole and will keep her safe. Of course The Bible is always full of conflicting stories which is what makes it hard to accept at face value. But it just struck me as odd that Zach’s parents had been “rewarded” with a trip to heaven but would “punish” Nicole by keeping her on Earth.