Through Rushing Water by Catherine Richmond – Review

A light and easy to read historical romance that spins the tale of Sophia, a woman who volunteers as a missionary after being jilted by love. She had hoped to be sent to China where she could eventually return to her native motherland, Russia. Instead Sophia is sent to the wild west to teach “savage Indians”. Sophia quickly learns that the Indians are more civilized than many Americans and falls in love with the Poncan customs, people, and a handsome carpenter specifically.

There is a subplot that is woven into the story about believing and trusting in God to help one through difficult times. While God’s intention is not always clear, one must trust it is for their best interests. I can’t claim to believe in the theory. Not only have I seen plenty of people suffer to no fathomable purpose, even the natives that Sophia administers to suffer greatly for no purpose other than a greedy government’s whims.

The story has entertaining qualities and encompasses a wide range of emotions fluctuating from sad circumstances to some comedic moments as well. A decent plot that I don’t regret taking the time or making the effort to read.