The House on the Corner by Michael Rains – Review

The story starts off with a boy who is trying to avoid cleaning the hall bathroom. When sent on an errand to run mail to his strange uncle, Chester decides to dawdle in hopes to avoid cleaning the bathroom. This is pretty much where the story takes a huge detour from reality. There are about 100 pages afterwards that involves top secret laboratories, traveling through space as easily as walking from one room to another almost like using a portal to travel several miles away, and several other interesting subplots that never come to fruition. It has potential but there are so many loose ends and parts that make no sense that I had assumed, or at least hoped, would be tied in later where there is an “Aha!” moment where everything finally comes together, like the last piece in a puzzle, so that everything makes sense. Unfortunately, that moment never comes.

While reading this book, I had gotten the impression that it was either written for children, or possibly by a child. I’m glad I did some research before writing my review. Most sources that offer this book do not categorize it as a children’s book, but according to the author’s website it is targeted to middle school-aged children, which explains a lot. I still think that there was an over use of ambiguous words. The many instances of people “going somewhere”, people saying “something”, or people doing “some things” became quite annoying and got very old very quickly. I also feel that if some of the holes in the plot were filled in, it could be quite an interesting story that children would enjoy.