Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klaven – Review

Sam is the preacher’s son. He bears this responsibility well, everyone expects him to be good, while shying away from him and treating him with kid gloves. Everyone, that is, except the town’s band of thugs. He earns the main thug’s respect by refusing to bow down to him. Despite his fear, he stands up to the bully. Sam is invited into their inner circle.

This friendship is short lived, and Sam stops the bully from harrasing a young girl, Jennifer. The younger sister of the local track star, Jennifer has some serious issues. Namely, she has hallucinations. Sam recognizes some of the things in her hallucinations and investigates. What he finds is way beyond his imaginations.

Crazy Dangerous starts out a little slow as all the characters assemble. Once it gets going it is like a steam engine careening downhill at break neck speed. I found myself pressing on, desperate to find out what would happen next. The ending gave me goosebumps.

Author Andrew Klaven takes the reader on a wild ride. I highly suggest that you sit back, buckle up, hold on and prepare for a crazy, dangerous journey.