Arms of Love by Kelly Long – Review

When I think of Amish people, I think of people who seek a simple existence. They don’t use electricity, or cars. So what set them apart from the masses in the late 18th century when there was no technology? Their beliefs. Beliefs that they were often ostracized for. Adam and Lena grew up on neighboring farms and were playmates for as long as they could remember. Everyone expected them to marry as they were both obviously smitten with each other. Lena’s mother asked Adam to promise her that he wouldn’t marry Lena until he was out from under his abusive father’s thumb. A perfectly understandable concern in a community where the new wife would go live in her husband’s family’s home.

This is where the book ceased to make much sense to me. I’m not sure if it is the romance thing, or the religious thing but I was just completely lost behind some of the character’s thinking. Instead of extending the relationship and putting off marriage, Adam breaks up with Lena and doesn’t bother to tell her why. He doesn’t tell anyone why. Lena takes it upon herself to make a sacrifice to help Adam become closer to God. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot so won’t reveal what her sacrifice is, but if I were Adam, I wouldn’t be brought closer to God, most likely I’d get miffed at Him for letting such an ironic situation come about. I just see absolutely no sense in how her sacrifice would help Adam at all.

Other than the stupidity that I’ve already pointed out, it was an interesting story. The two families struggle to keep their customs of peace rather than joining the patriots in the Revolutionary War, even though they are punished for it. The historical qualities felt right to me, though I admittedly don’t know much about Amish life. I would recommend this novel to those who like romance books and are not offended by frequent references to God and the Bible.