Grace: An Eternal Beloved Novel by R. Rodriguez – Review

Since her fifteenth birthday Grace has tried to end her life. She almost succeeds on her 18th birthday, Halloween night, but an external force almost startles her off the bridge that she was prepared to jump off, and a survival instinct kicked in. As she is dangling from the bridge, holding on for her life, Lucian Lake mysteriously appears to rescue her. Tall, handsome, and charming, Lucian becomes the older brother and best friend that she’d never had.

The author does an excellent job of defining the characters and making them come alive. Love them or hate them, you have probably known someone like them in your life and can relate well to most of the characters. The storyline flows nicely as you follow Grace on her journey through life, her ups and downs, her naïveté and bad choices. There were a few times that I wanted to scream at Grace after some of her bad choices, but it takes a talented writer to get a reader that involved into their characters’ lives.

There are some serious twists at the end of the book, one was practically a hairpin turn that left me lost for a minute, to be honest. I would have liked to see a little more expansion to the revelation Lucian surprises us with. There was a whole lot of detail given within a short space of time and I ended up needing to reread the last chapter to fully understand what all was going on.