Review of Behemoth by Jonathon C. Leicht

Jim Thompson has a problem. Something is killing the elephants on his game reserve in Kenya. He makes a cast of the animal’s tracks and after having them examined by an expert finds they are the prints of a creature thought to be long extinct. Natives have long reported having seen a beast resembling a member of the triceratops family roaming through their lands. Jim soon embarks on an adventure of a lifetime trying to locate the mysterious animal.

Nessie fans would love this book as it delves into the theory of whether or not dinosaur-type creatures, such as the Loch Ness Monster, could possibly exist today. With the gallons of unexplored oceans and acres of dense unpopulated jungles, one can easily stretch their imaginations to entertain the idea. I found the premise intriguing, the story well written although not mind blowing, the editing almost flawless, the plot incredibly entertaining, and the book hard to put down.

If you are open minded enough that references to religion do not put you off from a book, I highly recommend reading this story. It makes an argument for the theory of creation vs. the theory of evolution and poses that the dinosaurs did not meet their demise from a comet but simply did not flourish after the great flood. I think it would make a good read for book groups as there are some issues raised that would make for great discussions.

I received a free copy of this book to review, but all the statements made are my honest opinion.