Don’t Knock the Ramen

I’ve heard Ramen Noodles get a lot of bad mouthing. I’ll admit it, I love Ramen Noodles. I can buy a pack of 6 for a BUCK! You can’t beat that. With a little creativity, you can embellish those Ramen Noodles into a perfectly respectable meal. Pick a meat, chicken or beef, depending on the type of noodles you have. Add a vegetable or two, your choice, green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, mixed veggies, whatever your heart desires. Add a can of cream of something soup, again this depends on which flavor noodles you are using, but experiment and try different flavors. After I have everything mixed together, I’ll stir in a handful of instant mashed potato flakes to thicken it up. Then add a topping. Sometimes I will use shredded cheese, bread crumbs, crushed crackers or potato chips also work well. The possibilities are only limited by your amount of imagination. You can easily come up with a decent casserole type dish for your family, and you only dirty ONE pan in the process.

I have also been known to add the beef flavoring packet from Ramen Noodles to spaghetti sauce and cook the noodles right in the sauce. Sometimes I save the flavoring packet for another day and used the noodles to make macaroni and cheese. There are tons of things that can be done with Ramen Noodles. Stock up today!