First Date – Review

Addy Davidson is the average teenage girl, and proud of it. She is a good student with her sights set on getting into an Ivy League college after high school. She is perfectly happy with her regular normal average life and is mortified when her principal chooses her to appear on the new reality show to win the honor of being the prom date for the president’s son.

First Date is a lighthearted, fairly quick read aimed at young adults. As the parent of a girl who is too old for children’s books and not quite a teen yet, I chose to read this book from a mother’s point of view and highly recommend it for tween girls.

If I had to criticize something it would be the whole Christian angle. While I don’t purposely look for books with religion in them, I don’t avoid them either. The religious subplot seemed almost forced to me. Addy worries how people will react if they learn that she is a Christian. From the stress placed on this you would think that she worshiped aliens or some other ridiculed belief system. I’m a Christian and I’ve never felt shunned because of it. I also don’t feel the need to announce it either. My family certainly wasn’t as devout in their worship as Addy’s is, so perhaps it makes sense that she feels more anxiety about being accepted with her beliefs.
All in all, I believe First Date represents a modern day Cinderella-type fairy tale that would be highly enjoyed by young girls.