Birthright The Dark Gifts Book Review

The plot moved along fairly well, not too quick to leave the reader behind, or too slow to make one wish they had some paint to watch dry instead of reading. The author visualizes wonderfully, the story was a little bloody for my tastes, but to be expected from vampires. It definitely could have been more graphic but author, Willow Cross, does a great job of giving the sense of violence without being overly gory.

There were a couple of loose ends at the conclusion, but the reader isn’t left hanging. Most of the storyline was tied in well for the end of the first book of The Dark Gifts series. Birthright has a sense of closure yet leaves one yearning to know more.

I can get lost in a book easily enough when the story is well written and interesting. Often I find myself completely submersed in a story only to be shaken free by my stomach growling angrily. However, one thing that will tear me out of a story quicker than anything is poor proofreading. Today we have spell check to catch typos, but sometimes spell check will suggest the wrong word. I found several instances of this. I was hauled out of my entrancement by the necessity to reread lines to try to figure out how to make sense of the words in the sentence. It is a shame when the flow of a good plot is interrupted due to something so mundane and easily fixed. All in all, I recommend this book as highly entertaining, and a good read.