Natural House Review-Giveaway

Natural House was kind enough to allow me to review their terrific products. I was able to try Trashy (for cleaning and deodorizing trash cans) the same day I received it. I had a terrible smell coming from my garbage can. Upon investigation, I realized someone had thrown a banana peel in the can and it didn’t hit the bag. Even worse, a new bag was put in and the peel sat in the can beneath it. Trashy to the rescue! I love this product. Not only did it get rid of the odor immediately, it did not have an overpowering smell. I am very sensitive to strong cleaners and this did the job without the strong odor. I am sold and will definitely continue to purchase Trashy!

Within a few days I also tried Sinky (for deodorizing, drain, and pipe maintenance) because my drain was clogging. This also did a great job after using it twice. The drain was no longer clogged, and again no strong odors from this product. I will note, it is important to follow directions. Let it foam first to release the cleaning agents. I did not do this and had to do a second treatment. I used it weekly after that and the drain has been flowing well since.

I also gave the final product, Flushy (for cleaning and deodorizing the toilet) a try. It seemed to do its job and the bowl stayed clean for a few days. However, I will say this product did not work any differently than other products I have used on my toilet. Overall, I was pleased.

All three of these Natural House products are eco-friendly with safe probiotics. The probiotics will digest odors at their source. Sinky and Flushy break down fats, oils, solid waste, and grease to help your disposal, pipes, and drain lines run smoothly.

You can purchase these products on the Natural House website or at Natural House on Amazon (if you are an Amazon Prime customer this is a great option for free shipping!).

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