Missing-Airman Ryan Dent USAF-FOUND SAFE

LATEST UPDATE (9/13/11): Ryan has been in contact. We don’t have any information other than he is safe! I want to thank everyone who showed their support by praying and holding good thoughts for our family. We all appreciate it. This is proof there is still a lot of good in the world when people do not hesitate to come to your aid when they have never even met you. Again, thank you all very much. You all are the best! If I can ever return the favor, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

I am writing the hardest post I will ever write and I wasn’t going to do it. I wanted to keep my blog separate from my private life. But the more I have sat and thought the last few days, the more I think getting the info out there will end the nightmare my life has become.

My son is missing. He is an Airman at Lackland, AFB in Texas. The short version is he simply did not show up for work (I still am waiting for a clear date but I believe August 29 although I just found out four days ago). He wasn’t in any trouble. He does have a girlfriend a few hours away and he is 19 years old. So, I have tried to be angry and think he got stupid and ran off with her.

But there are so many odd pieces and I don’t have all the information to connect it. The girlfriend is 17 and has not been reported missing. We aren’t sure of her family’s exact address which makes everything more difficult.

My son’s stuff at the base is all accounted for except his cell phone. His boss even called his cell and said if he got back asap he may not be in trouble at all. We’ve tried leaving messages offering to wire him money to get back.

I don’t have the answers and all I want out of this post is to put his picture out there in hopes someone has information of SOME kind. I just want to know he is safe even if he ends up in big trouble with the military.

As far as the blog, many probably wonder what the heck kind of person am I doing all my regular posts etc and seeming even “happy”. I am not happy, I go between anger and being terrified. This is my refuge (and a big part of my income now). I have to do it to stay “normal”. It helps me keep my sanity. I hope you all understand this.

My friend’s sister Amy went missing in July and I thought that was horrible. It shocked me to think someone I knew of was missing even though I met her sister only a few times many years ago. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen to me. The family of Amy still are enduring this nightmare. She has not been found and there have been few leads so please look at her link if you will as well.

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. And again, please understand the blog will go on as usual and I am not heartless. I want and need to keep doing it.

All I ask from all of you is to please spread the picture around and contact Lackland, AFB in Texas if you have any info (good or bad) at 210-671-1110. He may be in the following areas: San Antonio, TX, Sherman, TX, Ft Myers, FL, or Taylor, MI. It is very likely he would be wearing a Detroit Tigers hat or shirt. Thank you all!